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Vila, Lina (R2626)

Vila, Lina (R2626)

SKU: 2626

Graphic work by Lina Vila (Zaragoza, 1970)

Title / Title: "Animals with me" / "Animals with me"
Year / Year: 2009 (Print)
Technique / Technique: Serigraphy / Serigraphy 
Series / Series: 21/30
Size / Size: 65x43 cm, 25.6x17 in.
Signature / Signature: Signed by hand / Signed by hand

Provenance / Provenance: 

Artist (2009)

"La Carbonería, Art Space" by María Jesús Buil (2009)
Heirs of María Jesús Buil (2016)
Spanish Art Online (2022)

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