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Ramón Barnadas, "Hostalets de Bas", 1959

A work by the master painter Ramón Barnadas (Olot, 1919 - Vic, 1981). Barnadas was a painter who entered the Olot School of Fine Arts at the age of 10 and made his debut in 1929 with an individual exhibition at the "Galeries Laietanes" in Barcelona. Six years later he is appointed professor at the school of fine arts in his hometown. He exhibited his work in Spain, Mexico and Switzerland, and won first prizes at the National Exhibition in Madrid and the International Exhibition in Palamós, the national landscape award from the Estrada Foundation and the Ricardo Portabella award. Barnadas, with his outlined style goes beyond the influences of realism and impressionism, to become part of the evolutionary avant-garde of Catalonia at that time.

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